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About QASC

The Quality Alliance Steering Committee (QASC) is a collaborative effort aimed at implementing measures to improve the quality and efficiency of health care across the United States. The QASC is comprised of existing and emerging sector-specific quality alliances, as well as leaders among physicians, nurses, hospitals, health insurers, consumers, accrediting agencies and the public sector. Together, all of these stakeholders are working to ensure that quality measures are constructed and reported in a clear, consistent, and person-focused way to inform both consumer and employer decision-making, as well as the efforts of practitioners to improve care that is delivered.
Many quality measures have broad consensus support for implementation, and different private- and public-sector groups have designed models for assessing performance and reporting data. However, the consistent, effective, and efficient implementation of these measures in a way that provides a complete picture of care at the patient level has been very challenging. QASC will help coordinate and build the initial components of an infrastructure to collect health care quality and cost data nationwide.
The High-Value Health Care (HVHC) project was developed as a means of supporting the goals of the QASC. HVHC is working with key stakeholders to make consistent and useful information about the quality and cost of health care widely available to patients, physicians, hospitals, health insurers, and others who need information about health care delivery. The project’s diverse collaborative of physicians, nurses, hospitals, health insurers, consumers, employers, government, regional and local initiatives, accrediting agencies, and foundations supports the implementation and use of performance information to:

  • Help health care providers improve the quality of patient care.
  • Help consumers make informed choices about health care providers.
  • Help provide payments that support provider efforts to improve quality and efficiency, rather than simply paying for more intensive treatments.
  • Help reduce large racial and ethnic disparities in care.

The QASC and HVHC Project are supported by staff at the Engelberg Center for Health Care Reform at the Brookings Institution.