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QASC Road Map Organizational Wheel

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Clearly, many steps and stakeholder groups are involved in the process of improving health care quality and value. It can be quite complex, but this “wheel” illustrates the discrete steps and the players involved.

We must first set national priorities, develop evidence-based measures that identify what the components of ‘quality’ care might be, and endorse measures through a rigorous process involving diverse views.

Next, strategies that will help us collect and analyze the right data are needed to produce meaningful performance information based on endorsed measures. For that, many organizations and entities must collaborate and work together to make that happen. Also, data from multiple sources needs to be aggregated to provide a clear and coordinated picture of what is happening in a particular physician practice for all like patients.

When available, this information must be presented in a way that is useful for providers, patients, and those who pay for care alike. With this information, providers are in a position to improve care, consumers can use it to make good health care decisions, and payers can use it to reward high value care.

The end result of all of this work is to achieve health care that is high-quality, equitable, cost-effective, and patient-centered.

Learn more about the Road Map in this .ppt presentation